Whow, its dark in here!!

    Yep, that's a bit of a shock, isn't it? But that's how it is in the rainforest. Not much sunlight gets through all those leaves. So orangutans don't much like direct sunlight, but they do like the heat. Unfortunately so do the mosquitoes!

    Watch out! There's a nasty, big one by your ear on that branch!!

    Orangutans don't like rain much either. When it starts to rain they quickly shelter under lots of leaves so they don't get wet.
listen to the long call
    Did you hear that?? That was the call of a male orangutan: the "long call". They do that sometimes when they are looking for a mate.
    People 15 km away can hear this call! And so can female orangutans, of course! If they feel like it, they come and find the male to mate with him. But it has to be a good-looking male…

    And look, there's the caller!

    Wouldn't he be a fine catch!
    He's got those big cheek flaps female orangutans love, which mean he can call even louder. What's more, he's almost as big as a male gorilla: 100 kilograms (or more) of muscle. They are all things the females are looking for……

    Orangutans are the largest tree-dwellers on Earth. Did you know that? But even though he looks very imposing sitting there, the orangutan will never attack another animal or man. If you upset an orangutan or threaten him, he would always prefer to move on, than to defend himself. The only time he may fight is if he meets another male orangutan in his territory who wants to challenge his leadership. They do that high in the treetops, as orangutans never come down to the ground, Such fights hardly ever occur. The males prefer to give one another lots of space.

    If you look closely at this male you will see that his coat is pale orange and quite coarse. Sumatra This tells us that he comes from Sumatra. Orangutans from Borneo are dark brown to black and have a softer coat.

    Borneo You can also distinguish the two species by looking at the males cheek flaps: the orangutans in Sumatra have flat ones that stand out from their faces, like huge ears. Orangutans from Borneo have cheek flaps that point more forwards.
    The mothers don't mind, though. You often see red mothers with brown children, or vice versa.

    Well, I think we've seen enough of this male. We'll leave him in peace and move on…
    Otherwise we'll cramp his style and he'll never find a girlfriend!

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© Meike Kunkel