A mother and her child! Female orangutans only have a baby every eight years. We are looking Climbing lesson at something very special.

    And we seem to have arrived just in the middle of a climbing lesson. Learning to climb is very important if you live thirty metres above the ground, otherwise life can be pretty dangerous.

    See how carefully the young orangutan learns: first on his mother!

    So they don't lose each other in the tree-tops, mother and young don't let go of each other for the first three years of the child's life.

    Orangutan mothers are extremely patient. In contrast to other primate mothers, they don't get angry and are always calm. They are always alone with their young and must teach him everything they know without help from a group.
    For example; they must teach him which fruits are edible; how to climb; which animals are friend and foe and all the secrets of the rainforest.

    If you don't know that sort of thing, you won't survive long on your own.  is this one poisonous?? Some plants and animals are extremely poisonous and dangerous for an orangutan.

    By the time the young orangutan knows all it needs to, about eight years will have passed. That is how long mother and young stay together. Then, hopefully, the next baby will be born and demand all the attention.
    Sometimes the older child stays with its mother and its new brother or sister for a while. But if the new baby arrives during puberty - for males at 10 years old and 8 years for females - the older child has more exciting things to discover.
    They leave their mother and don't return to her. Some orangutans like to hang around a little longer still, but their mother's patience begins to wear thin and she slowly makes it very clear that it is time to leave for good.

    And it's time for us to go too. We are, after all, just visiting!

    Good bye, family!

© Meike Kunkel
© Meike Kunkel