Everybody knows how important the rainforest is in our ecosystem: Without trees there would be no live on earth.

    The rainforest in Indonesia is one of the oldest of the world. If this rainforest would be gone, not only the orangutan, but many other sorts of animals and plants wil also get extincted.

    You can help!!

    You can become a member of the 'Balikpapan Orangutan Survival Foundation' (BOS). This foundation runs an orangutan rescue center in Kalimantan, Indonesia. They buy rainforest from the indonesian government to protect it and to give the re-socialized (and the wild) orangutans a home. They also buy land from indonesian farmers to plant trees and plants. The former farmers protect this new rainforest against proachers and fire.

    How can you get a member?

    To become a member, doesn't mean that you have to donate. But, of course, it would be very helpful!

    To become a member is very easy. Just fil in a form and send it together with a check or with money to the address mentioned in the form (You can find the form at BOS).

    There are other possibilities to help the orangutan. You can also adopt a young orangutan and they always have Equipment needs ... Just have a look, what you can do!

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