So many people have been here, that I'm afraid everything is sold out!

    All we have to offer are a few signs and some postcards which have just arrived (available in the room next door).

    Here are the signs:

    We've hung them up. It looks tidier in this empty space and then people don't think they are for sale, or to steal…
    They are pretty cool; you just have to click on one and you're there!

    Orangutans (Organisations and rescue centres):

    BOS foundation in Holland Orangutan foundation UK Sepilok rescue centre
    'Bos' USA Orangutan foundation International

    Orangutans (private):

    made by a denish friend of orangutans

    Primate rescue centres (generally):

    rescue center in Almere, Holland

    Wolly monkeys and cappuchins (England) Nigeria Sanctuary in Panama
    Gorillas in USA England USA

    Primates in general:

    Gorilla Foundation International Jane Goodall Institute International Bonobo Protection Fund
    Washoe and friends talking with apes everything about primates (in german)


    Small, but nice Beautyful.

    Do you still have questions, suggestions or do you miss something? Tell us!!
    Perhaps we have in the warehouse what you want!

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